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Product Information

Capacity: 700 lbs
Weight: 82.2 lbs
Size: 58-5/8″H x 23-1/2″W x 13-1/2″L

Toe Plate Size
4-1/2″ clear x 23-1/2″ wide x 10 gauge

Swing Out
50″ x 42-7/8″

Our heavy duty appliance trucks are now available with a swing out option to ease the amount of stress on back and legs. Perfect for the professional mover this option will speed up loading and unloading of hard to move items.

Opening Swing Out
1. Pull and hold “T” handle to release swing out.
2. Raise small wheel assembly into locking position.
3. Release “T” handle and tilt truck into 4 wheel position.

Closing Swing Out
4. Raise truck into upright position.
With foot push locking axle forward.
Lower small wheel assembly into locking position.

5. Rotate casters into locking position.

Categories:  Appliance and Vending Hand Trucks -  Dutro

Product Code142OW1P446

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